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The voice of a crow once heard, is not easily forgotten.

At Crow House Films our voice is projected in our work, it encapsulates our integrity and core values. It’s what defines us. We create projects that impact our audiences and call to their imaginations. We take risks and challenge conventional thought. Stories are our voice, and imagination is the breeze we soar in.

we specialise in high-end video output for

// feature length films

// television programs

// documentaries

// commercials

// marketing campaigns

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Crow House Films is a close-knit motley of creatives, from Los Angeles to Scotland. A creative family, experience ranging from working on award-winning narrative projects, broadcast television content, high fashion campaigns and music videos for multi-platinum selling artists. Along the way we have been fortunate enough to forge some invaluable relationships with known industry practitioners and outlets.

We care about one thing and one thing only, connecting to our audience on an emotional level through storytelling. We have made it our goal to uncover new stories and showcase new ideas that do just that.

There are some incredibly potent and fascinating stories and regions in the north of Scotland that are yet to be truly unearthed and showcased to a wider audience. We strongly feel that it’s time for these stories to be heard and these regions and cultures to be explored on a much wider scale.

Our Team


Nicci Thompson

Creative Director

Jamie Sundance

Creative Director

Bruce McComiskie

Script Development

Los Angeles

Kevin Murphy
Paul Heikens
Matt Hielsberg
Creative Director

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